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                                                                                       November 2020

              Grossmann    But that's completely different. Those are things that matter to a
              person, they're to do with your aim in life.

              Emilia              You're right. My aim just now is to make you understand the value of
              this school graduation suit of yours. My conscience won't allow me to throw it away,
              just because I happen to have taken a momentary dislike to it. I have spent my whole
              life in the  company of your suit. While you were away, it was everything to me.. It
              took your place. It stood in for you.
              Grossmann     And that's why you're going to bury me in it? Wouldn't the right thing
              be to keep it to remind you of me?
              Emilia              You haven't understood anything. You took turns in my private life. You
              and your school graduation suit. When one day you depart for ever, both of you will
              depart. In my eyes and in my heart you are joined by a bond that you can't begin to
              grasp. While you spent your time in bank offices, I lived my life with your suit.
              Grossmann      So that's why you're going to bury me in it. How strange fate is. And
              you'll put grandfather's glass eye in my pocket, to make my departure truly complete.

              So I'll disappear without trace, you could say. So nothing will be left to remind you of
              me. As if I had never been. Well, you needn't worry. We'll get rid of this suit here and
              Emilia                 I shall bury you in it.
              Grossmann       When? When will you bury me in it? Now? As you please! I'm already
              lying on the carpet. I shall die the moment you give the order. Just give the sign and
              I'm ready.
              Emilia                 There's no need to hurry. There's a time and a place for everything.
              You don't have to worry about that. Nature will take care of it.
              Grossmann        What do I care about your Nature?! I don't meddle with it, so be so
              kind and don't meddle with my school graduation suit. I'm going to throw it away now,
              without batting an eyelid. Do you hear that? And then one day in the future - in the
              very distant future - you will bury me in one of my decent black suits. Is that clear?!
              Emilia                   Yes. It's clear. Quite clear. I shall bury you in whatever I consider
              Grossmann          At last you're talking sense.
              Emilia                   And you know very well, that it's your school graduation suit that I
              consider suitable.

              Grossmann          You really are marvellous!
              Emilia                    That's just what you've been telling me all your life. So now I'm
              convinced it's true. It's not an unpleasant conviction. On the contrary. It's more
              refreshing than coffee or peppermints. Such a conviction can help in every situation.
              Grossmann           I'm glad you regard my share in your life like that, that you
              appreciate so sincerely my humble contribution.
              Emilia                  Why be so modest? Your deserts are much greater than you think.
              Grossmann         Don't exaggerate. Everything in moderation - that's the wisest
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