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                                                                                       November 2020


              Grossmann      You can't possibly think that you're going to bury me in my school
              graduation suit, which the moths have been living on for years and years.
              Emilia               Of course I think so. You can't possibly think that I'm going to have

              a new one made for you. Especially for a special occasion like a funeral. Made to
              measure, so you'll feel comfortable, is that it?
              Grossmann      To measure? I don't say that…
              Emilia               And what do you say?
              Grossmann      I say, it needn't be to measure. It can be narrow in the shoulders.
              Emilia               Look here…
              Grossmann      I'm looking.
              Emilia               Look here, dear!
              Grossmann      I'm looking, dear.
              Emilia                And what can you see?
              Grossmann      The same as usual.
              Emilia                Look, dear. Have you any idea how much trouble one ordinary
              funeral involves? You just can't imagine. To say nothing of the funeral of a retired

              governor of a bank!
              Grossmann       The fact that I'm retired is what's troubling me now.
              Emilia                 Then have a bit of consideration for me, too. There simply won't be
              time for anything not absolutely essential, such as getting a new suit for the
              Grossmann        But why a new suit? Who said anything about a new suit? I've got
              a whole pile of decent black suits which haven't yet had time to live to a venerable
              Emilia                 Surely you don't want to be buried in an undignified manner in a
              suit which has not yet had time to live, or at least wait, until it's a venerable age? I
              shall bury you in that commemorative and truly historical garment, reminiscent of
              your eternal youth and undying education.
              Grossmann        Out of the question.
              Emilia                  You're mistaken, dear. I shall bury you in that school graduation
              suit. That will be right and proper - and economical. No one understands questions
              of economy better than you do.
              Grossmann          That's true, but it's not possible to save on everything and under
              every circumstance. There are times in life when magnanimity is called for, when

              economic interests do not have priority.
              Emilia                    Am I hearing right? If I hadn't known you so well for so many
              years, I'd probably believe you. But I know those are only magic words which open
              the public purse.
              Grossmann           That's not fair. That really hurts.
              Emilia                    Can you explain to me why we have looked after your ceremonial
              school graduation suit all these years? Why you have denied yourself all kinds of
              pleasures all your life, just so as to keep your slim figure?
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