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                                                                                       November 2020


               The  clock  on  the  wall  was  just  striking  the  quarter.  Dr.Grossmann  cast  an
               uncertain  look  at  Emilia,  the  suit,  the  mirror  and  the  gilt  clock  face  of  the
               pendulum clock. His beloved wife's words sounded so natural. There was a lot of
               truth in them. They contained nearly the whole truth and almost all of them were
               sincere.  Emilia  was  always  sincere,  truthful  and  wonderful.  There  was  nothing
               special about that. But all the rest was fundamentally new and strange. It didn't
               suit their flat, it didn't match the colour of their furniture. Above the garden the
               sun became a blotch in a wet sky.

               Grossmann    So you seriously think I'm going to go to my own funeral in that
               school graduation suit, do you?
               Emilia             I don't know if you'll go there. I even doubt it, but you'll get there
               somehow.  There's  nothing  to  worry  about.  You  won't  be  the  first  deceased.
               Leave that to the bereaved. It's their worry.
               Grossmann     Even so, there's one thing I don't understand. I don't understand
               why you think you will outlive me. That's not clear to me.
               Emilia             You see how many things are still not clear in our perfect family
               Grossmann        I do see.
               Emilia                 There was never anything wrong with your sight.
               Grossmann      That's a fact, but even so,  it's not clear enough to me why you
               presume you'll outlive me.
               Emilia                 You see, and yet it's so simple.
               Grossmann        Simple?
               Emilia                  Simple.
               Grossmann        Then explain to me why you think that.
               Emilia                  Because it's so simple.

               Grossmann         But in spite of that, I don't understand.
               Emilia                  Don't let that bother you, I don't understand it either.
               Grossmann         Then it really is simple. At last I can understand it, too.
               Emilia                  What do you understand?
               Grossmann         Do you know, I don't know.
               Emilia                   I know.
               Grossmann         You see how wonderful it is when we understand each other like
               Emilia                 That's a good reason for thinking that you'll understand this suit
               belongs in the cupboard.
               Grossmann         Oh, no. That's out of the question.
               Emilia                Then tell me what, in your opinion, am I to bury you in? Be so
               kind and tell me, what I am meant to bury you in? You can't possibly think I…
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