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                                                                                       November 2020


               Grossmann           Who's talking about you, for heaven's sake?
               Emilia You.            Who else would add to my suffering?
               Grossmann           But we're talking about a suit, not about you.
               Emilia                     Trust you to contradict me.
               Grossmann            Are we talking about the suit?
               Emilia                     Yes.
               Grossmann            I'm glad we're talking about the same thing.
               Emilia                     The pleasure is mine.
               Grossmann            And the truth mine.
               Emilia                     What do I care about your truth. We're talking about the suit.
               Grossmann            We're talking about the suit and about the dustbin.
               Emilia                      That's where you're mistaken. About the suit and a funeral.
               Grossmann             What funeral?
               Emilia                      I've already told you, you must guess.
               Grossmann             Is someone dying, or what are you on about?
               Emilia                       Everyone will die one day, won't they?
               Grossmann             Yes, that's very true.
               Emilia                       I'm glad you agree I'm right. And now you can put that suit

               away in the cupboard with a clear conscience.
               Grossmann             Listen here!
               Emilia                       I'm listening.
               Grossmann             Listen carefully!
               Emilia                      Of course, I'm listening carefully.
               Grossmann             Listen carefully to what I say.
               Emilia                       I'm listening carefully to what you say, but so far you haven't
               said anything.
               Grossmann              Tell me…
               Emilia I'll tell you.
               Grossmann              Tell me whose funeral I could show up at in this school
               graduation suit?
               Emilia                       You still haven't guessed?
               Grossmann              Just imagine…

               Emilia                        I'm imagining.
               Grossmann              Just imagine, I really haven't guessed yet.
               Emilia                       Well, just as I've already told you: I'm imagining. And there's
               nothing exciting about it. For heaven's sake. It should be something worth
               imagining. I'm imagining that you really haven't guessed yet. Well, so what?
               Grossmann              Well, for heaven's sake tell me please, whose funeral I could
               show up at in this school graduation suit?
               Emilia                        At your own.
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