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                                                                                       November 2020


              Emilia              And what are you going to do with it?
              Grossmann     Well… I don't know… We'll throw it away, won't we?
              Emilia              That's a good idea. You're right. We won't.
              Grossmann     Then I'll throw it away myself.
              Emilia              That's where you're mistaken. You'll hang that suit up again where
              it was. In the cupboard. In its place, where it belongs.

              Grossmann     But, dear, you agreed I should tidy up here a bit.
              Emilia              Of course, but that doesn't mean you're going to throw away our
              Grossmann     That can't be classed as property. It's an ordinary school
              graduation suit.
              Emilia               It's not an ordinary school graduation suit, it's your school
              graduation suit.
              Grossmann     Of course, my forty-year-old extra-ordinary school graduation suit.
              Grossmann     I'm glad you've got the point at last. And now you can happily hang
              it up where it belongs.
              Grossmann      It belongs in the dustbin. It's no use for anything.
              Emilia                It will still come in handy.
              Grossmann      Please, be so kind, don't be sentimental. We're not going to store
              things we don't need just because they remind us of something.
              Emilia               Why because they remind us of something?
              Grossmann      What other purpose could this useless suit serve?
              Emilia                Wearing, of course.

              Grossmann      Where on earth could I show myself in such an ancient suit?
              Emilia                At a funeral.
              Grossmann       Whose funeral?
              Emilia                Whose funeral?
              Grossmann       Whose funeral?.
              Emilia                 You can guess.
              Grossmann       Come on. I've no idea. Has someone died?
              Emilia                Someone - that's for certain.
              Grossmann       And we're going to their funeral?
              Emilia                D'you want to go to just anyone's funeral?
              Grossmann       Me? I don't want to go to any funeral at all. It was you who thought
              that would be a splendid opportunity to use my school graduation suit.
              Emilia                 And what don't you like about it?
              Grossmann        Everything.

              Emilia                 That's just like you. You don't like anything about me.
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