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                                                                                       November 2020


               He stared briefly at this valuable piece of furniture, before suddenly and resolutely
               opening the door. It creaked horribly. Emilia was torn from her sleep.

               Emilia              Heavens! What was that?!
               Grossmann    Sorry, dear! Go back to sleep.
               Emilia              What's going on?! Is anything the matter?
               Grossmann     No. Don't worry.
                                         (Emilia sat up and looked around the room.)
               Grossmann     Aren't you going to sleep any more? Should I wish you good
               Emilia              Good morning to you, too, darling. Are you looking for something?
                                                 (She  cast  a  puzzled  look  at  the  open  cupboard.  Dr.  Grossmann
               shrugged his shoulders as if at a loss.)
               Grossmann      I think I should tidy things up here.
               Emilia               As you like.

               She sighed and lay down again. Dr. Grossmann reverently pulled a shiny watch
               out of his pocket. Pure gold shimmered in his smooth hands. Its owner saw his

               eyes mirrored in the lustre of the superior metal. His hand put the watch to his ear.
               It had stopped. It was silent. It didn't care what time it was, it could even be said it
               scorned  it.  Next  it  was  the  turn  of  the  coal  black  school  graduation  suit.  Dr.
               Grossmann  examined  it  lovingly  and  gently  stroked  its  dark  texture.  On  an
               impulse,  he  slipped  off  his  dressing  gown  and  hurriedly  pulled  on  the  shabby
               jacket.  No  easy  matter,  but  he  managed  it.  He  dived  into  those  commemorative
               trousers,  too.  Then  he  went  over  to  the  large  wall  mirror  and  admired  his
               reflection. He was delighted to see how well he had preserved his appearance and
               figure throughout his life. He set great store by that. He believed that it not only
               reflected  his  wise  lifestyle,  good  taste  and  healthy  habits,  but  he  was  also
               convinced  that  it  was  an  indication  of  his  personality,  his  firmness  of  will  and
               adherence  to  principle.    He  was  trying  to  make  the  last  adjustments  to  his
               clothing, when he discovered that he couldn't fasten the trousers, because just at
               that  point  the  cloth  was  in  tatters,  damaged  by  the  destructive  work  of  clothes

               moths. This distressed him considerably. He didn't hesitate and in a moment he
               was  again  back  in  the  haven  of  his  dressing  gown.  So,  even  mementoes  can
               disappoint  a  person.  Dr.  Grossmann  dropped  his  school  graduation  suit
               indifferently onto the carpet. The buttons quietly clinked as it fell. Emilia stirred.

               Emilia                 Do you need something, dear?
               Grossmann        On the contrary, dear. I don't need anything.
               Emilia                 Not even my help?
               Grossmann        Not even this useless school graduation suit.
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