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                                                                                       November 2020


                                               Pavol Janik

                                         Translation by Heather Trebaticka, nee King

                     Pavol  Janik,  PhD.,  was  born  in  1956  in  Bratislava,
                     where  he  also  studied  film  and  television
                     dramaturgy  and  scriptwriting  at  the  Academy  of
                     Performing  Arts.  He  has  worked  at  the  Ministry  of
                     Culture (1983–1987), in the media and in advertising.
                     President of the Slovak Writers' Society (2003–2007)
                     and  the  Secretary-General  of  the  SWS  (1998–2003,
                     2007–2013). He has received a number of awards for
                     his  literary  and  advertising  work  both  in  his  own
                     country  and  abroad.  This  virtuoso  of  Slovak
                     literature,  Pavol  Janik,  is  a  poet,  dramatist,  prose
                     writer,  translator,  publicist  and  copywriter.  His
                     literary activities focus mainly on poetry.

              That  day  Dr.  Grossmann  woke  up  feeling  decidedly  ill  at  ease.  His  wife  was  still
              asleep. Something was wrong. He could tell that at a glance when he caught sight
              of the dawn in the orchard through the closely gathered net curtains. He could rely
              on his first impression. It had never failed him. Never ever. In all his life. And that
              was not in just any life, but in his life - in the life of Dr. Grossmann. Those who
              knew  anything  at  all  about  the  world  in  which  Dr.  Grossmann  had  lived  in  the
              course  of  six  purposeful  decades  and  one  harmonious  marriage,  should  know
              what that meant. Dr. Grossmann was not in the habit of being mistaken. It could be
              said  that  as  a  rule  he  wasn't  mistaken,  although  it  is  true  that  he  was  never
              mistaken - on principle. Appreciation of this rare characteristic of his could be seen
              in a number of souvenirs presented to him by grateful bank employees.

              Dr.  Grossmann  slipped  on  a  shiny  dressing  gown  with  the  coat  of  arms  of  the

              Krasnohorsky family that was such excellent proof of his dear wife's aristocratic
              roots. He was proud of her noble birth. Equis hungaricus - that never failed to raise
              his practical spirit to starry heights. At such moments he understood the nobility of
              his  life's  endeavours,  he  realised  the  historical  significance  of  his  existence.  He
              was  fond  of  lofty  thoughts,  but  everything  in  moderation  -  that  was  his  primary
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