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November 2020            71

                                                    Strategies of Sleeping

               The composition of the lines was interesting and overall, it produced a balanced

               effect. Jim still needed something he could count. Try as he might, he was unable
               to piece the original work he composed back together. In this mental world, Jim
               peeled  away  the  surface  in  hopes  of  starting  anew.  All  he  managed  to  do  was
               bring out black and white text that was hiding underneath the scene. The words
               formed a series of statements but none of these relaxed him. THIS IS A SHEEP
               said  one.  THIS  IS  ANOTHER  SHEEP  said  the  sentence  behind  it.  IMAGINE
               SOMETHING  THAT  WILL  HELP  YOU  FALL  ASLEEP  read  the  text  above  both  of
               them. Jim decided to take the advice of the last statement and pictured a single
               sheep  despite  its  blurry  form.  As  he  focused  on  it  as  much  as  he  could,  the
               sheep’s white body filled in his mind, until the wool seemed to brush against his
               skull. Jim pictured a dark part for the head and a yellow part underneath it for the
               fence.    When  he  was  done,  the  formerly  round  sheep  now  looked  like  a  flag,
               except cloudier, with one color layered on top of the other.

               Jim  decided  to  stop  counting  and  just  take  in  this  form  of  one  sheep  crossing
               over  the  fence.  It  was  a  form  which  could  be  replicated  to  infinity.  He  simply
               looked  at  the  colors  and  the  way  they  interacted,  the  gauze  halo  of  white,  the

               somber black charcoal, and the yellow at the bottom which suggested a hopeful
               future that had to be avoided as if coming from a flame. The sheep was now like
               Jack  B.  Nimble,  going  over  a  candlestick  as  much  as  a  farmer’s  fence.  Jim
               thought about these colors and meditated on their combination for several more
               minutes. He returned to imagining himself back on a sea, floating while watching
               these  lines  of  color  move  on  the  shore.  Gradually  this  body  of  water  could  no
               longer support him and he felt himself sinking under the surface.

               He  wanted  to  struggle  against  it  at  first,  until  he  realized  this  was  what  he  had
               tried to do before thinking about the sheep. Jim stopped resisting mentally and
               allowed  the  darkness  of  rush  up  around  him,  leaving  the  world  above  to  his
               formerly waking mind. As long as he merely noticed color, or the lack of it, he was
               fine. Eventually, he found the sleep he had been trying to submerge himself into,
               and his headache was gone for good too.
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