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                                                                                       November 2020


               Over the past decades we have witnessed two concomitant phenomena: on
               the  one  hand  a  ’democratic’  opening  based  on  technological  development
               that has enabled many people to escape erasure by gatekeepers; arts such as
               photography, graphics, even video and writing became accessible as artistic
               media  for  the  ‘masses’  giving  rise,  on  a  world  scale,  to  a  blooming  and
               proliferation of  initiatives, creative artistic production from below capable of
               reaching  scattered  audiences  (a  greater  number  of  people  if  money  comes
               into  the  mix).  The  very  possibility  of  me  writing  this  column  on  an  Indian
               digital  magazine  hinges  on  this  development.  But,  on  the  other  hand,  the
               undesirable, underside of this is that the ‘democratic technological opening’
               has taken place in a setting of unbridled neo-liberal global capitalism and it
               bears  the  ugly  marks  of  extreme  individualism,  hierarchy  and  competition,
               which obscure the fact that even individual talents are predicated on a whole

               system that nurtures, inspires, hinders, limits and supports them.

                             Pina when she was in
                              first grade in Genoa

                                                                     During last yeaar of high school

                                                               In her apartment
                                                                 in Berkeley,
                                                               during university
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