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                                                                                       November 2020

                                        The Charcoal Garden

                                              Mohamed Al-Ashry

                                                Translated by Roger Allen.

                    Mohamed Al-Ashry works as an expert in the field of
                    Petrophysics.  He  works  for  PETRONAS  Company  in
                    Kuala  Lumpur,  Malaysia  on  June  2013.  Besides  his
                    job  in  the  field  of  digging  out  for  Oil,  he  is  also  a
                    columnist  and  a  novelist.  He  has  published  five
                    novels and won several prizes for his literary works.
                    He  is  also  a  columnist  in  a  number  of  Arab
                    newspapers  and  magazines.  Some  of  his  stories  as
                    well  as  chapters  of  his  novels  were  translated  into
                    French, Spanish and English, and were published in
                    international  literature  periodicals  and  anthologies
                    in Spain and Argentine.

             If you venture far into the desert, you see above you the heavens arrayed like a
             gigantic  bell.    The  stars  scattered  across  the  sky  turn  into    apertures  through
             which you can observe the vast expanse of the universe; they hold out their hand
             to show you yet more bells embracing other people.Eventually you see a group of
             lofty domes connected to each other by pathways that allow you to move from
             one  to  the  next.    The  process  takes  many,  many  years,  and  you  can  spend  an
             entire  lifetime  wandering  among  those  domes,  in  open  spaces  without  number,
             and all in quest of your soul.  You may eventually find it  hanging over your own
             head, tied to a thin thread of light that draws it ever upwards, but you may still
             neither discover nor understand anything about your surroundings
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