Page 6 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                              The confessions of a

                                  Reluctant Doue'e

                   Pina, you are the Doue’e for the month of


                                       And Pina, wrote to  us

           I would like to express my deep gratitude for including me in this exciting new
           journal, Litterateur Redefining World, which, from its base in Southern India, is
           on its way to creating and developing much needed transnational networks of
           writers  and  visual  artists,  hopefully  equipped  to  resist  and  take  on  the
           challenges of the contemporary world.

           However, I do have some misgivings related to fitting into the Doue category,
           not because of false modesty, but because I think the emphasis on individual
           abilities,  ‘talents’,  prizes  is  counterproductive  in  today’s  societies  which
           increasingly, at a global level, are based on individualism, the spectacular and

           the ‘extraordinary’ at the expense of acknowledging interdependence. When I
           see Simon Cowell and the glamorization of ‘talent’ my instinctive reaction is to
           cringe and internally release a scream for the urgent need of paradigm shift.

                                                                                   Pina as a baby
                                                                                  with her sisters
                                                                                    and mother.
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