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                                                                                       November 2020

                                         Dying Humanity

                                            Dr. Rashi Sinha

                          Dr Rashi Sinha  is an Indian poet, residing in the state of Bihar (Nawada)

                       Crossing over the road                Once, I was a dignified soul
                            In one dark night                My values were followed
                       Heard a painful snob                  And beliefs loved by all
                             Of an wounded life
                       Went there with scary foot
                       Saw a lying Deity, not a shrewd       In the darkest hour of recent

                       Found her, in a dying situation       history
                       My innermost forced,                  Have been sent to such a Martuary
                         To know the reason                  Snabbed and shrouded with
                       Brought my self very closer to        Oh! Please don't ask my name
                       her                                   'I am Humanity'....
                       Asked tenderly, oh my dear!           The Dying Humanity..! !
                       Who are you tell me the truth
                       Who broght you, on this route?

                       Groaning with pain,
                       .her.... Pulse and vein
                       In a very irregular ways
                         She could reply
                       At this heartbreaking incidents
                       felt thousand tears in my eyes
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