Page 52 - November 2020
P. 52

                                                                                       November 2020

                                                      John Grey

                           John Grey is an Australian
                           poet, US resident, recently
                         published in Soundings East,
                             Dalhousie Review and
                           Connecticut River Review.

                       You appear like a nebulous apparition,
                       all head and legs and nothing in between,
                       an elusive shape, grotesque and spidery,

                       an agile sweeper through rock and coral,
                       cunning as you spiral around your prey,
                       or blackface your enemies with inky spray.

                       You roll over sand, stir small creatures
                       from their hideaways or float in place,
                       tentacles slithering, crown bobbing,

                       the surface mandala to a mystic core.
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