Page 50 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                           Unlearning Patriarchy

                                                    Moumita Alam

                                                             Moumita  Alam,  an  Indian  poet  from
                                                             Bengal. Here book of poems "The Musings
                                                             of the Dark" has been published recently.

                       Drop the scorching noon on my
                       copper body and let your
                       sweats run on my veins
                       take the piercing rays of sun
                       on your palm to invade the darkness
                       engulfing my soul since I have born

                       I have been taught my life
                       as pudenda and a container

                       to be incubated on,
                       a nine months passage that gives way
                       to the generation of another
                       masters to rule on.

                       My ordeal is always same in
                       day, light, darkness and all
                       when the sun falls
                       the moon arrives
                       I remain the same, a corridor for twenty seconds heaven for

                       Unlearn today what you are
                       learning for ages
                       don't bring flower plucking from its lover's breast
                       hold the rainbow in your chest
                       my canvas is full of scribbles
                       wipe it with the light of the burning sun.
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