Page 49 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020


                     Sangita  Singh  is  a
                     poet  from  Dehradun,
                     India.   she   writes       Sangita Singh
                     poetries  and  short
                     stories  and  is  widely
                     published  in  various

                                         Unknown fear gripped us all,
                                         Death stood everywhere,
                                         Life a boishie now,has to recede back,

                                         Parks were deserted,
                                         Carefree,contagious laughter of kids
                                         Got drowned in the four walls,
                                         Glitters of shops and malls
                                         Were no more to be seen.
                                         Schools,theatres et un stade
                                         Had the silence of cemetery ground.
                                         And only hospitals buzzed with death,
                                         And life confederate turned
                                         Its blind eye to the corpses,
                                         Arranged in rows to be kept in refrigerators,
                                         Covid 19 has trapped humans
                                         Like flies,
                                         Fell in thousands around the globe
                                         And god looked and shrugged helplessly,
                                         And said “I told you so “.
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