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                                                                                       November 2020


                                                  Michele Nigro

                                               We keep dates, bits of string
                                               empty sweet boxes and tickets
                                               because pain also

            Michele    Nigro   was             demands well-documented
            born in the province of            accuracy resisting time
            Naples  in  1971  and              and human distraction.
            since 1978 has lived in            So that each date becomes a thorn
            Battipaglia   (province
            of   Salerno).      He             to stick into us when it seems
            published    his   first           we’ll be happy,
            collection  of  poems              each piece of string
            Nessuno  nasce  pulito             a knot that keeps us
            (edizioni nugae 2.0). in
            2016.   He   has   also            tied to the past,
            published Esperimenti,             a box
            a  collection  of  stories,        emptied of the sweetness that was
            and  La  bistecca  di              for when we will be full
            Matrix,  a  mini-essay.            of fake joys,
            In  2013,  he  published
            Call  Center,  a  long             and only one-way tickets
            story  whose  second               to the beyond.
            edition  Call  Center  –
            reloaded           was
            published  in  2018,  as
            was  another  poetry
            collection,      Poesie
            minori         Pensieri
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