Page 44 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020


                                                     Lucas Zulu

                            Lucas Zulu is a South African poet, writer and editor.  He lives in
                                     Emalahleni, Kwa-Guqa, Mpumalanga Province.

                                After I gave an edge to fear
                                he crushed my courage to crumbs
                                and grasped my confidence
                                into his fearful hands, I became

                                his obedient slave, so terrified to spread
                                my wings and he kept me in such distress…
                                I long to soar to the stars he pulled me
                                into his anxiety, imbued with his panic
                                so diffident about my wings,
                                his trepidation threatened me and shivered
                                thought of soaring high intimidated by his worries
                                until I learn to face my fears like a bold,
                                fearless climber ,so brave enough to reach
                                the glaciated  peaks of the Himalayas.
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