Page 43 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                          Among the Forgetters #7

                                                     Glen Armstrong

                                                             After father’s death,
                                                             the sporadic sounds
                                                             of paper

                Glen Armstrong holds an MFA
                in English from the University               and ignition edged
                 of Massachusetts, Amherst                   in like flies on a window,
                    and teaches writing at                   loss
                    Oakland University in
                Rochester, Michigan. He edits
                 a poetry journal called Cruel               no longer a brand name
                Garters and has three current                or top forty hit.
                  books of poems: Invisible
                Histories, The New Vaudeville,               Another day starts
                      and Midsummer.
                                                             without me,

                                                             adjusts the hinged
                                                             side mirrors,

                                                             distributes the shaving foam
                                                             and listens to talk

                                                             for news of better days
                                                             gone by.
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