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November 2020            42

                                             Fantastic Voyage

                                                  Laura Felleman

                                                     Wake this morning
                                                     Before life pulls you out of orbit
                                                     Travel to spaces nearby

                                                     Feel the body
                                                     Everywhere nothing but molten gold
                                                     Ever present even when
                                                                          you rush by

                     Currently,  LA  is
                     an  accountant                  Now shift focus
                     at             the              Visit the spectrum’s opposite end
                     University       of             Ubiquitous dark matter
                     Iowa.    Before
                     that,  she  was  a              Invisibly
                     seminary                                      sustaining
                     professor.  Prior               An accelerating universe
                     to that, she was                              spiraling
                     a  pastor.    She               With galaxies of beauty
                     moved  to  Iowa                                expanding
                     City  with  her
                     husband in 2016                 Forgetting these
                     and        started              Discoveries seems impossible
                     writing  poetry                 Then today's launch takes over

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