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                                                                                       November 2020


                                                       Jyoti Nair

                 Jyoti  Nair  is  a  quintessential  Learning  and
                 Development  Professional,  presently,  she
                 works  for  a  top  notch  Indian  MNC  as  the
                 Capability  Development  Head  for  multiple
                 business units catering to HR  and Staffing
                 Operations,  where  she  partners  to  foster
                 and accelerate transformation momentum
                 for Center of Excellence (COE). She has won
                 several accolades for her literary pursuits.

                                When those pecan lashes writhe...
                                Doth you ever pull down your window blinds ?
                                Peering mistiness,
                                They have been wandering in that obscurity...
                                Crouched kernels thumping their feet against the
                                inflamed-pink rinds...
                                If aeon represents the time tree,
                                Then since aeon,
                                Dribbling dews from those pecans have stripped its

                                Hence time tree now wears synthetic smiles...
                                Conniving tiptoes, they won’t warn...
                                If the Sun is sauteed a tad more today...
                                Will you perchance then lower those blinds...
                                Dry and peel-off, some of that unswerving scum.
                                Let your wizened veins breathe...
                                Zephyrs have been clutching your soul ledge,
                                Since wily horizon spools began to untangle,
                                To knit your cognitive mufflers...
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