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                                                                                       November 2020

                                               The Self Seeking

                                                      Rajan Lal

                                              Self-seeking! Self-seeking! Self-seeking!
                                              I abhor such self-opinionated thing.
                                              ‘Self’-being a very aberrating jargon;
                                              Has the potential to astound anyone;
                                              Very hardly and the rarest of rare are able to grasp it,
                                              It is a codification for a many to be hit.

                                              Self-seeking! Self-seeking! Self-seeking!
                                              How horrendous it is for anyone’s shrieking.
                                              Many a time leads it simpletons to suicide;
                                              Coz they feel psychically defeated, neglected and
                                              The self-seeking tend to self-centredness;
                                              And it fills them to the brim with haughtiness.

                                               Self-seeking! Self-seeking! Self-seeking!
             Dr.  Rajan  Lal  is               He is himself much a demented being.
             Assistant                         He most often thinks to be right;
             Professor  in  the                But many a time he also has to undergo a fright.
             Department          of            He often ponders over corridors of power;
             English       Studies             That becomes his business day and night hour.
             and  Research,  J.  S.            A self-seeking can raze every relation;
             Hindu        P.      G.           What proves to be an obstacle in his recreation.
             College,     Amroha               And he can spoil even a bit of satiety;

             (U. P.) India. He is a            In his associations shows no sincerity and piety.
             freelance poet and                He proves to be caterpillar for society;
             editor  of  poetry                Like Satan, he creates here headaches of many a
             and      critic     on            variety.
                                               Such a reprobate is more harmful even corona;
                                               Making no discrimination between the rich and the
                                               I am sure, I am sure, I am damn sure;
                                               That such a bug is anti-relation persona;
                                               He never hesitates to adhere to anyway,
                                               To keep his hindrances away.
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