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                                                                                       November 2020


                                                    Rezauddin Stalin

                                          You asked to stay awake against the Raiders
                                                            We fell asleep
                                                 You asked to stay with a blessing
                                            We started to fly on the quilt of misfortune
                                                   You showed us the front line
                                          Adorned us with the crown of the Himalayas
                                  Tossed everything away, we became Nandalal, a worthless
                                                  You introduced us with nectar
                                      We brought venom after exploring the underground

                                                       You brought freedom
                                                 We fell in love with enslavement

                                                                              Translated by Tuwa Noor

                                    Rezauddin Stalin
                           is a well-known poet in Bangladesh
                               and beyond and is born on
                             22nd November 1962 in Jessore,
                          Bangladesh. He  is the former Deputy
                        Director of Nazrul Institute where he was
                        employed for 35 years. Stalin’s poems got
                        translated in most languages in the world
                          and he is also a well-known TV anchor
                          and media personality in Bangladesh.
                         Stalin is the founder and chairman of the
                            Performing Art Center and is also
                                   the senior editor of
                                     Magic Lonthon -
                                 a literary organization.
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