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                                                                                       November 2020

                                     During the night of Insomnia

                                             Shaswata Gangopadhyay

                           Sleep  is  such  a  mythical  creature  who  before  being  extinct
                           has left upon my eye-lids the shadow of its last descendant. It
                           only  lashes  its  tail  restlessly  during  whole  night,  dry  dust
                           flies with the strokes of its prickles,fibres fall off. I shut my
                           eyes,try to visualise a silent temple made of white marbles,-
                           situated  at  far  off  sea,-  whose  every  bit  of  tenderness  and
                           grace  has  polished  its  floor  and  walls.  Imaginatively  upon
                           those  smooth  walls  I  touch  my  cheek,lie  down  on  the  cold
                           floor of the temple,turn my body on the other side in fanciful
                           wet  wind.  Still  I  can't  fold  my  two  eyes.Have  the  watery
                           vapours of my eyes gone dry? I'am afraid, is it then called :

                           Dry retina syndrome? Even now finny fishes play round and
                           round my deep eyes,the dreams do not bend to search them
                           out. Only night,after finishing its run,brings the shinning sun
                           back.As if a Negro athlete after winning the race is returning
                           with the gold medal in his hands.

                                                                       Translated by Rajdeep Mukherjee

                      Shaswata  Gangopadhyay  is  one  of  the  prominent  face  of  Bengali  Poetry,who
                      started  his  writing  in  mid  90s.  Born  &  Brought  up  in  Kolkata,he  has  profound
                      interest in traveling, adventure & classical music. His Book of Poems: Inhabitant
                      of Pluto Planet (2001) Offspring of Monster (2009), Holes of Red Crabs (2015)
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