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                                                                                       November 2020

                                             LOADED MOMENTS

                                              Amita Jayant Sanghavi

                                               Amita  Sanghvi  teaches  at  Sultan  Qaboos  University  in
                                               Muscat.  She  holds  an  MA,  B.ed,  MPHIL,  English  Literature,
                                               and  MA  TESOL  (Lancaster  University,  UK).Her  first  book  of
                                               poetry is Lavender Memories( 2018). She is honoured as the
                                               Ambassador  of  Poetry  to  Oman  by  World  Poetry
                                               International Canada:

               In a crowded moment              Freed from                  There, in that moment,
               Of a ‘Doing’ me:                 A crowded moment            Dreamily loaded,
                A mom,                          Of a ‘Doing’ me:            Divinely guided,
               And then                         I move into                 I thrive unperturbed,
               Almost ten other                 A new moment,               I write.
               'me's',                          A new me.
               I pause, I break free:           A new me                    In that escaped,
               From just ‘ doing’ after         That’s-                     Single moment,
               ‘doing’,                         Poetry-loaded.              I relish, I cherish
               Freed from                       Also a me,                  My multiple
                     ‘SHOULDS’          and     Smiling fully,              Ways of Being.
               ‘MUSTS’,                         Almost at peace,            In that un-heavy,
               -‘ ISTS’ and -ISMS’-                                         Yet loaded moment,
                                                 A dreamy me,
                        I slip out,             Totally                     I find me
                        To write quietly.       Enticed by possibility      And
                                                                            My multiple
                        Seeking in words,       In a world so

                        My ways of being.       transitory.                 Ways of Being.
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