Page 33 - November 2020
P. 33

                                                                                       November 2020

                                                   Autumn haiku

                                                        P.J. Reed

                     Reed    lives   in   Devon,
                     England  and  is  an  award
                     winning multi-genre author
                     with  books  ranging  from
                     high  fantasy,  horror,  to
                     haiku.  She  is  is  also  the
                     editor       and       chief
                     paranormal investigator for
                     the       Exmoor        Noir

                                      sunlight shines silver
                                      filtered through nettled shadows
                                      on rainwatered paths

                                      a patchwork sky
                                      greying cloud stitched together
                                      with seams of sunlight

                                      sweet chestnut pompoms
                                      balance on brown knotted twigs
                                      spikes freshly sharpened
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