Page 32 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                                BLISS OF LOVE…

                                                 Lekshmi Krishna

                                                A  Saunterer, in
                                                search of nothing
                                                Yet have compulsion for something
                                                Marked his time for a lass
                                                Amidst the blare of amass

                                                Her pace ceased at a place,
                                                Though her eyes resumed to chase,
                                                Instantly there was a pause
                                                Followed by a bliss on her face…..
           Lekshmi Krishna  is a
           writer of poetry and
           student from Kerala,                 At the far end of that beeline,
                   India                        He saw a guy with a distinct jaw line,
                                                Bumpy beard, with long tailed messy hair
                                                Wrapped in glazing head dress

                                                And a scarred eyebrow inflated
                                                                                 that lad’s vigour

                                                The “fellow” was in a hurry,
                                                Hardly confronting the flurry
                                                To reach a famished kid
                                                Along with some bread

                                                Saunterer turned back to the young lass
                                                                                         to see her glee,
                                                But what he sees is the bliss of love
                                                in her sparkling eyes.
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