Page 31 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                             THE SILENT STAIN

                    Alisha is a student who is persuing intermediate from Agra and Aishwarya Prabha is a
                        U.G. student in JS Hindu P.G. college, Amroha (U.P.), India are here with there
                                            collaborative poetry filled with agony.

                                              Aishwarya Prabha
                                                       Alisha Agarwal

               Without considering I would gain,                For the social criticizers,
               I undoubtedly go through an intense              It's a side of feminine,
               pain.                                            I can't utter even a single word,
               Entering a stage filled with agony,              When I go through this intense whine,
               Like making a deal with disharmony!              Prefer to be alone and pine,
               Even though it lasts for a short time,           I let that silent stain behind.
               It leaves a silent stain behind.
                                                                Why I distanced from the daily rituals?
               Lasts for a moment,                              Where I have ever inclined.
               Still provides me torment.                       The sign of worship is always red,
               I sob! I shriek! I whine!                        Exactly same as of mine,
               For the anguish is now mine,                     Then why I'm pinned as inoffensive?

               But I know it is a part of life,                 Due to this silent stain behind.
               Therefore let the silent stain behind.
                                                                Feeling shrinked,
               Making me paranoid for a while,                  Feeling grind,
               It takes away my smile.                          Because our females are also blind!
               Along with increasing my appetite,               They think the society is giant,
               It keeps me awake all night!                     Message for all those social sculptures,
               Makes me lose my mind,                           I feel proud! I feel shine!
               I feel anger with this silent stain behind.      Only due to the silent stain behind!
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