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                                                                                       November 2020
                                                     Flame O’

                                                Michael D. Amitin

                     Poet and musician, Michael D. Amitin travelled the roads of the American West
                     from  California-  east  through  the  smoky  burgs  and  train  depot  diners  of
                     Western Colorado, where he lived before moving to Paris, France.
                     Recently  named  International  Beat  Poet  Laureate  2020-2021,  Amitin's  poems
                     have  been  published  in  California  Quarterly,  Poetry  Pacific,  North  of  Oxford,
                     PoetryontheLake, and others.

               Slid up the Himalayas                       Bouys of silver tones bobbing yesteryear’s
               Got down  to the top of his breathe         sea
               Golden flame, flower shaded                 Chirping seeds, yardbirds, kinks
               Purple road snaking exhaust                 When my
               exhaled                                     Bottled bootstraps unhinged
               Paradise, no waiting lines
                                                           Scaled  awkward mountain
               Woke up from wondering                      Slipped all the way down there
               What i could become                         I want to live in a Doris Day movie
               Ran                                         Seen enough pain
                                                           To marinate a rising tide

               Doublebass roll
               Monk-a coco                                 Maria Callas sing me home Vissi d'arte
                                                           Burlesque circus streams
               Stride vapor pianos
               Nothing-left-of me winds                    Fire night borneo walkers
               Clouds a purple train sky                   Velvet warm mantras spokes from silent
               Faraway from icy rivers                     Dark star taverns
               In my walking cane, ferryboat               Caverns of winds, wired night mind
               rhapsody                                    highways
                                                           Silent stars where I’ll Rest my case
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