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                                                                                      November 2020

                                               EDITOR'S NOTEPAD
                                               EDITOR'S NOTEPAD
                                               EDITOR'S NOTEPAD
            We publicized the releasing of magazine “Litterateur Redefining World” on 7 July 2020
            and invited submissions from writers and artists. On 23 July 2020, we finalized the first
               inaugural August issue. We offered an inimitable platform for experimental literary

              writing. We decided to honor each and every doue or Doue’e and space all literature
                 pleated expressions like art, music, culture and entertainment. Litterateur with
              technological upkeep geared up to establish a platform for all who lack openings to
               express. For Universal togetherness, we decided to transcend the boundaries. We
                                      called for the Writers of the world, Email.
            We released the first issue of Litterateur on August 2020, 11 AM. On 19 August 2020, we
                realized that our website is not accessible to readers. Many writers and viewers
             informed us the error message about bandwidth. We were astounded by the cause of
            the error. The traffic towards our magazine was surprisingly high and we increased our

             September and October issues of Litterateur reached the audience before the fifth day
           of the month. We honored writers with certificates of recognition. We started telecasting
                “Meet the Litterateur” and “Hats off” – two video programs of published writers.
            As on date, we had 167,076 users for our website. We published around 100 writers and
             artists. Our writers are the best editors of their own work. We gave them opportunities
            for final editing. May be no other magazine had done. Started with 28 page magazine we
             are now in a 120 page magazine. We appreciate that our obligation is heightened. The
                                                  prospects are high.
               But we could not fulfil the dreams of writers to own a printed copy. We could have
                 writers from only 26 countries. We have shortcomings. But we are prepared to

              We are prepared to publish Litterateur on fifth working day of every month. Special
               editions at regular intervals will be add on. Art books will also be published. Each
             category in the magazine will be converted into a book and open opportunities to own

                printed copies of book. For writers who wish to publish books, we are to offer a
              cheaper but quality platform. A single author magazine is also open. We expect the
            discussion to telecast “Hats off”- interviews with in a national television network will be
                successful.  Each author who are published in our magazine will be listed in our
                 website. Also we will provide one page for authors to showcase their work and
              credentials. Above all we will have a weekly column in the website where we publish
                                 works of Litterateurs and artists around the world.
               We assure you a truly global magazine. Come, Let us unite breaking all boundaries.

                                                          Shajil Anthru
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