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                                                   Oriada Dajko

                 Oriada Dajko was born on 7 February 1997 in Tirana, Albania. She studies
                 Cultural  Heritage  in  the  University  of  Tirana  .  Her  poetry  has  been
                 published in various anthologies in Spain, Kosovo, Albania,Latin America
                 and the USA. Winner of first prize in the monthly Poetrypulse (England)
                 competition  in  2017.  It  is  ranked  fifth  in  an  international  poetry
                 competition for young authors by a literary magazine in Mexico. Winner

                 of the first prize for poetry in the fourth edition of the Literary Festival
                 for Youth. In the fifth edition of the Literary Festival for Youth, wins first
                 prize in the prose category.


                    En tu mundo, dentro de tu país,
                    en tu ciudad, dentro de tu casa,
                    en tu familia ...

                    ... Extraños alrededor.
                    Incluso dentro de ti ...
                    el idioma nunca fue encontrado.

                                                                 In your world, inside your country,
                                                                 in your town, inside your house,
                                                                 in   your family...
                                                                 ... strangers   came around.
                                                                 Even inside you...
                                                                 Language was never found.

                   * Matryoshka meaning- The   doll represents a strong female matriarch
                  who is the main   symbol of the Russian family. In itself, the doll fits inside
                                  little dolls which represent daughters and sons.
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