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September 2020                                                    20

                                                 Charles Braddy

             This  painting is made
             during  the  time  of
             social isolating due to
             the pandemic.

                                                       Charles  Braddy  grew  up  in  Fort  Collins,
                                                       Colorado  in  middle  class  neighborhood.  His
                                                       Dad was a Theatre Professor at Colorado State
                                                       University. He was in Cub Scouts, little league,
                                                       where they built forts, caught frogs, crawdads,
                                                       minnows, dragonflies.

                                                       Much  of  this  background  is  found  in  his
                                                       paintings  and  poetry.  The  Romantic  poets  &
                                                       painters taught him to appreciate life.
                                                       After High School, he joined the USAF & was
                                                       stationed  in  the  UK.  After  the  service  he
                                                       moved to Western Colorado
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