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                                                                                       November 2020


                 Not Unknown to That Fearless Cove in the Heart

                                                 Pina Piccolo 2017

                                Don’t mind the man behind the curtain
                                as you come to the end of the yellow brick road

                                Lightly buoyed by cognitive storms
                                the facts lay suspended

                                As the song of the lyre bird
                                dirges the death of the forest

                                As throats of children
                                and black men can’t breathe

                                As distressed, failing nations

                                seek the company of collapsing bee colonies

                                Don’t mind the man behind the curtain
                                follow your app to the land of milk and honey

                                Let a lullaby put you in touch with alien species
                                the one writing this might be on its way out.

                                Embedded deep in the ice-core of Ages
                                please find the instructions for the Seventh Generation

                                Perhaps no different from the ones issued
                                on the eve of the 5th Great Extinction

                                Leak them out: not pretty and polished like the Grail
                                and yet not unknown to that fearless cove in your heart

                                May be in this pinch they’ll do
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