Page 16 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020


                               Praise Be to the  Rooster’s Stark Eye

                                                   Pina Piccolo,
                                                  3 October 2020

                  It shall all be recorded
                  In the stark eye of the rooster

                  The teeming times
                  The apnea of the soul
                  The limb that wouldn’t move
                  The tear that froze

                  It turns its naked neck
                  So that its shiny, round
                  Perfect eye
                  Can capture your
                  Lack of movement
                  The hibernation
                  Of the tongue                            It won’t crow
                                                           Three times
                                                           It has better things to do
                                                           Than be your conscience keeper

                                                           Be fretful!
                                                           Don’t linger here
                                                           On the threshing floor

                                                           Go seek your kindred soul
                                                           That Totem Animal
                                                           Of yours that favors scales
                                                           On its eyes.
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