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                                                                                       November 2020


               To make a living I have taught (both at the university level and privately), and for
               a long period of my life I have been a technical translator and interpreter, mostly
               in the areas of law and marketing, with forays in all sorts of different fields, which
               have enriched my vision enormously. I also translate literary texts, as part of my
               cultural engagement. Perhaps because I have had the good fortune of keeping my
               economic  base  and  my  artistic  work  separate,  I  have  had  the  luxury  of  taking
               controversial positions, of making few compromises with the powers that be and
               I am aware that this sometimes creates rifts with other artists who are subject to
               different constraints.

               To sum it up, I have been writing creatively since I was a child, mostly as a form

               of  self-expression  and  maybe  even  as  a  form  of  solace  since  I  have  always
               spoken with an accent and was deemed imperfect by the various autochthonous
               people I have interacted with. I have had no expectation of making a career out of
               writing  or  ‘professionalize’  as  a  writer,  as  being  of  good  peasant  stock  I  could
               discern the impracticality of it. My critical writing was a result of the many years
               spent in and out of universities, I continue to pursue it as an independent scholar
               but over the years I have learned to keep it separate from creative writing as it
               interferes  and  acts  as  a  nagging  and  constraining  superego.  It’s  an  ongoing
               struggle  and  one  I  am  facing  now  as  I  am  trying  to  switch  from  poetry  to
               narrative, for my next leap.

                                                                We  are  living  in  dangerous  and
                                                                exciting  times  and  as  artists  I  think
                                                                we     have     a     responsibility      to
                                                                contribute with our art to the sorely
                                                                needed                   epistemological
                                                                breakthroughs  that  may  help  us
                                                                survive as a species and contain the
                                                                damages  we  have  done  to  our
                                                                interdependent           ecologies      and

                                                                beings.  In that spirit I offer 4 poems
                                                                from  my  unpublished  manuscript
                                                                “Avatars from the Borderlands”.
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