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                                                                                       November 2020


                                                           For me, one of the most important
                                                           legacies of the 1970’s was a belief
                                                           in the importance of activism and
                                                           working  collectively.  Over  the
                                                           years  I  have  tried  to  retain  that
                                                           spirit and, with varying degrees of
                                                           success,  and  figure  out  how  to
                                                           deploy it. In Italy, in 2012, 2013 and
                                                           2014  I  have  helped  found  and
                                                           organize  the  poetry  marathons  of
                                                           100 Thousand Poets for Change in
                                                           Bologna;  later, with a small group
                                                           of  poets    I  have  helped  put

                                                           together  three  anthologies  of
                                                           poems  written  by  hundreds  of
                                                           poets  on  the  migrations  and
                                                           drownings  in  the  Mediterranean
                                                           and as a world-wide phenomenon,
                                                           taking  these  anthologies,  the
                  Pina at the door  of the the Department   poets  and  the  activists  into  the
                 of performance art  where she was doing   schools.  I have helped found and
                   her research  for the dissertation on
                          Dario Fo in Bologna              run  two  online  literary  and  visual
                                                           arts  journals,  the  Italian  La
                                                           Macchina  Sognante  which  was
                                                           started  in  2015  and  has  currently
                                                           seven  editors,  and  the  English
                                                           language  The  Dreaming  Machine
                                                           started  in  2018,  which  I  run  by
                                                           myself.  All  of  these  initiatives
                                                           entail  working  with  hundreds  of
                                                           writers  with  the  aim  of  helping

                                                           develop  international  networks  of
                                                           writers and artists challenging the
                                                           world as it is.
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