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                                                                                       November 2020


                Since childhood I was always interested in politics and issues of power,
                and  thus  I  was  in  a  privileged  position  to  participate  in  movement  in
                solidarity with all these struggles and appreciate the need to join theory
                with  practice.  In  the  mid  to  late  1970’s,  as  an  undergraduate,  I  took
                classes  in  economics,  sociology,  at  19  studied  Kuhn’s  “The  structure  of
                scientific revolutions” in seminars held at Strawberry Creek College, an
                interdisciplinary,  experimental  program  within  UC  Berkeley  that  I  was
                enrolled in. My opportunities included being able to attend seminars

                 that  addressed  the  question  of  what  computers  can’t  do  taught  by  a
                 philosopher  and  electronic  engineer  brother  team  (the  Dreyfus
                 brothers),  study  Mao’s  China,  Brecht’s  plays  and  poetry,  explore  the
                 young Marx of the 1844 manuscripts through the teachings of a young
                 Eritrean visiting professor who taught in the philosophy department. My
                 scientist/ecologist  brother-in-law  challenged  my  thinking  to  consider
                 more  interdisciplinary  and  holistic  views  of  science  and,  together  with

                 my sister, introduced me (with a certain reluctance on my part) to the
                 world of hiking and camping in the Sierras.  All these factors combined to
                 form a set of experiences quite unlike the typical ones you get in other
                 US or Italian universities.
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