Page 119 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                                  ME, DAD AND ALZHEIMER

               - “I want to forget that day”, he said all of a sudden, “Don’t come here anymore. I just
               want to forget.”

               Having  said  that,  he  stood  up  from  his  chair  and  went  to  his  room,  leaving  me
               completely puzzled and perplexed.

               I guess this kind of life is a never-ending cycle. It looks eternal and has no finishing
               point. We are all destined to be stuck in our own problems and absorb them slowly
               and quietly. I have almost no hope left to stand with, but one day I met someone by

               - “I am a doctor. I am currently doing some research on Alzheimer disease.”

               His words were a turning point that made our initial skeptical conversation into deep
               discussions. I told him everything about my dad, which took several hours. I finally
               felt relieved, as if mountains collapsed from my shoulder. Spontaneously, he wiped
               small tears that came right from my eyes and said:

               - “My mom died because of this disease.”

               I found out that Alzheimer has always been with him too, and even took his mother
               away from him. I just felt compassion for him, at the same time he looked like my
               rescuer whom could provide salvation.

               - “I don’t want to lose my dad, - I looked at him with both desperation and hope.”

               - “I can overcome Alzheimer,” he responded, delivering a strong confidence in his

               My  hope  revived.  It  was  the  first  time  I  entered  my  home  with  a  small  bite  of
               happiness  and  excitement.  I  went  straight  to  the  bookshelf,  meeting  my  “best

               friends”. I took a novel of romance into my hands and began reading.

               Alzheimer’s was still watching me in the corner, but from now on it wasn’t able to
               interrupt me.
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