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                                                                                       November 2020

                         Poems on Kings Highway Jordan under the

                                            nocturnal desert sky

                                              Eduard Schmidt-Zorner

                     Eduard  Schmidt-Zorner  is  a  translator
                     and writer of poetry, haibun, haiku and
                     short   stories.He    writes   in   four
                     languages: English, French, Spanish and
                     German.He  lives  in  County  Kerry,
                     Ireland,  and  is  a    Irish  citizen,  born  in

                      Here is his story written twenty years

               What I had always longed for: to sleep in the desert, in the open air, under the stars.

               I only knew the desert from visits to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman, I had never
               spent more than one hour in this environment and only in air-conditioned cars with
               the prospect of a cool drink at the hotel in Riyadh or Jeddah.

               I  was  ordered  to  do  the  inventory  of  a  spare  parts  store  in  a  phosphate  mine  in
               Jordan  where  five  of  the  biggest  excavators  were  in  operation  and  the  contract
               agreement  provided  for  spare  parts  storage  and  supply  of  parts  for  the  service
               technicians on site.

               Flight  to  Amman.  I  was  picked  up  the  next  morning  with  a  heavy  four-wheeler,
               driven  by a Scottish engineer, who looked rather as if he was an actor in a pirate
               movie. He stopped in a suburb and bought provisions: Several six-packs of beer,
               canned sausage, baked beans, toilet paper, and cigarettes.

               Then  he  showed  me  how  to  drive  in  Jordan.  I  used  often  to  drive  through  the
               Balkans,  spent  many  hours  on  the  Autoput  Zagreb  to  Belgrade  and  crossed
               Hungary and Poland, but this experience surpassed all my experienced adventures.
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