Page 111 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                            An inconvenient guest – A Rude Awakening

                I turned to my Italian friend, who translated the teacher’s words. With a heavy
                heart and a confused mind, I tucked it inside my book bag. After that day, my
                doll didn’t seem quite so special anymore. I hid it away in a dark corner of a
                closet and never took it out again. It wasn’t until a few years later, when I was
                old  enough  to  understand  the  meaning  of  the  word  “apartheid”,  that  I
                understood. My doll had always been beautiful. It was simply an inconvenient

                Author’s  note:  With  the  enactment  of  apartheid  laws  in  1948,  racial
                discrimination against non-whites in South Africa was implemented. Under the
                apartheid regime, black dolls were banned, among other items, and were rarely

                seen until well after the end of the regime in the nineties, when Nelson Mandela
                became president. Some popular music and many books were also banned for
                political  reasons,  including  the  classic  Black  Beauty,  just  because  it  had  the
                words “black” and “beauty” in the title.
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