Page 106 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                                      An Army of Frogs

               “I  get  all  the  info  I  need  about  organs  and  organ  systems  by  sneaking  on  to  my
               father’s Spice Channel website,”

               Hector whispered to Greg.  Both giggled.

               “Hector, is there something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?” asked
               Mrs. Worton.

                Hector shook his head.

               “Very well, then.  As you cut away the layers of the frog’s anatomy, you will record

               your  findings  on  your  frog  map.    Everyone  draw  an  outline  of  a  frog  using  the
               markers I placed on your desks before you arrived this morning.”

               What followed was the greatest shock in a day already filled with much tension and
               apprehension.  The frogs that Mrs. Worton handed out to each student weren’t dead
               and pickled, but alive.

               “Oh my God,” said Habib.

               “Gross,” said Sophia.

               “This is gonna be cool,” said Badra.

               “Your frogs have all been anesthetized so they won’t feel any pain,” Mrs. Worton


               “I bet,” muttered Greg.

               Mrs. Worton heard Greg’s remark but chose to ignore it.   “The school paid extra so
               that we could observe the organ systems of a living frog,” she said rather proudly.
                “Before we begin the actual cutting, please weigh your frog and measure its length
               from snout to vent and record this data in the lower right hand corner of your frog

               Greg waved his arm. “What’s a vent?”

               “Had you been studying like the rest of the class, you’d know that the vent is the
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