Page 105 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                                      An Army of Frogs

               As  Greg  settled  himself  behind  his  desk,  he  noticed  Regina  walking  in.    This
               worried  him.    Because  of  the  terrible  importance  of  the  day,  even  Regina’s
               embarrassment couldn’t allow her to stay home, and she certainly had made a huge
               mess the day before during the math quiz.  But what really bothered Greg was that

               none of his classmates (or himself, for that matter) bothered to tease her.  The class
               looked as if their thoughts were a million miles away.

               Mrs. Worton strolled in and put on a big smile, even bigger than the smile she gave
               when the class presented her with a large, multi-colored paperweight, shaped like
               an egg, for Christmas.  Trumella  Austin’s father took the seven dollars and sixty-
               four cents the kids had raised and picked it out for the class from the stationary
               store he owned.  Greg thought it was a beauty.

               Behind his teacher’s smile Greg knew she was nervous too because she took roll
               call before the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  Nothing was mentioned about what
               they had to do in a matter of hours.

               For the first time all year the classroom hours sped by.  The clock read 10:30 when
               Mrs. Worton ordered them to lay down their pencils.  She then distributed  11x15
               sheets of construction paper to each student and told them they were to use it to
               create a frog map that they would fill in as they dissected their frogs.

                    Greg raised his hand.

               “What do you mean by a frog map?  I don’t understand.”

               Mrs. Worton looked sternly at Greg.

               “Had you been turning in your homework regularly the past two weeks, Mr.Burton,
               you would have known that the handouts I gave out in class were to prep you for
               this project.”

               “Why do we have to cut open a frog?” whined Regina.  “What’s the point?”
               “The  point,”  said  Mrs.  Worton  curtly,  “is  to  satisfy  national  standards  for  sixth
               grade introduction to organs and organ systems.”
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