Page 104 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                                     An Army of Frogs

              “Yeah,  well  the  only  cutting  I’d  like  to  do  is  to  cut  class  today.  Dissection’s
              disgusting. I mean, there’s already enough violence in schools.”

              “I suppose you have a point, Greg.  I remember reading an article about that serial

              killer who cut up his victims and ate them.  What was his name?”

              “Jeffrey Dahmer?”

              Yeah,  that’s  him.    Right  before  the  prison  inmates  killed  him  Dahmer  gave  an
              interview  where  he  said  that  he  became  fascinated  with  blood  and  guts  when  his
              school gave him a knife and a dead animal to cut apart in biology class.”

              “Gee thanks, Dad.”

              His father made a silly face, scooped him off the ground and tossed him into the air.
               The squeals of delight coming from the boy temporarily made Greg forget about the
              brutal  day  he  was  about  to  endure  until  his  sister  Carol,  hearing  her  brother’s
              screams of pleasure, trotted into the living room and demanded that her father also

              give her the chance to go airborne.

              Greg’s four and a half block walk to school took on the pace and enthusiasm of a
              killer being led down death row for a private sitting with an electrician.  As he turned
              the corner he saw Kostas, Selim, and Pascal climbing the steep steps leading to the
              school’s entrance.  When he shouted at them to wait up he thought that they, too,
              had  a  sickly  look  about  them.    The  four  of  them  silently  scuffed  their  way  to  the

              Everyone except Regina Boloff was inside and in their seat.  Greg didn’t think Regina
              would show up.  Every time Mrs. Worton would give a math or spelling test, Regina
              would wet her pants and cry.  When this happened, Mrs. Worton would send for the
              school nurse and Regina’s mother would come to pick her up and take her home.
               The day afterwards Regina was always absent.
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