Page 101 - November 2020
P. 101

                                                                                       November 2020

                                                         THE CHILL

                Ayesha lay in her bed staring at the empty fog struggling to breathe in the still air.
                Even the crickets had been muted that night. The silence was thawed by a wailing
                bird with frigid wings that got stuck to her frosted window pane. That was last of
                the wild call she’d heard since a long time. In the morning when she knocked its
                carcass down with a Reynolds pen the decision was made. Escape!

                When  the  PA  girl  reminded  that  the  disciplinary  meet  would  commence  ten

                O’clock sharp Ayesha sat with a callousness akin a leper’s. The blanket was lying
                heaped up next to her. A wry smile lit her face when she knew that last night she
                had defeated the chill that had plagued her in this campus. She pursed her lips not
                to let that heat escape her.

                MT’s lieutenant came last for the disciplinary meet and he assessed her head to
                toe  with  a  vulgar  stare.  They  fiercely  debated  her  case  in  a  hurry  to  come  to  a
                conclusion  before  MT  arrived.  Ayesha  felt  something  thaw  inside  while  she
                effortlessly  chanted  the  names  of  her  paramours.  For  an  instance  she  felt  the
                pang of crucifying those innocents but suddenly in a fierce thought of deliverance
                she recited few more names stunning the members. Let them be free too (!), she
                thought with a vengeance.

                MT came in starched and rigid apologising for being late and blaming his flight. He
                talked measuredly and his words floated like plastic ice cubes in the hatred filling
                the chamber. The impatience for the verdict was already thawing in the frozen air.
                The  extent  of  the  crime  made  him  cringe  for  a  second  and  the  reverent  Queen
                Mother’s  image  flashed  for  a  second  in  his  mind.  With  measured  dignity  he
                approached her portrait in the office and slid it to reveal a safe behind it. The metal
                contraption  that  came  out  of  the  safe  emanated  a  coldness  that  excited  the
                committee members.

                “Chastity belt, my mother’s invention! An innovated version much better than the
                ones used a century ago. She had indeed foreseen this day!” MT chanted as if in

                It was not the female screams reverberating the campus when the PA girl girdled
                her naked waist that pained Ayesha, but the blatant cold of the metal when it bled
                her like a stoic male organ
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