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                     SANAZ DAVOODZADEH FAR

           Sanaz Davoodzadeh Far is an Iranian poet born
           in Iran and living in Luxembourg now. She began
           her  artistic  career  with  the  theater  and  played
           and  worked  in  many  plays  and  won  many
           awards  in  this  field.  She  worked  on  storytelling
           and began to learn the Traditional Iranian Song
           and she is a student of Pari Maleki and Mojtaba
           Asgari, the great musicians of traditional music
           in Iran.
           She began writing poetry in classical forms and
           her poems were published in the most important
           Iranian  journals  and  newspapers.  Many  of  her
           poems  were  translated  into  other  languages
           such  as  English,  French,  Spanish,  German,
           Swedish, and Kurdish.Her first collection “ I walk
           on  dead  letters”  was  translated  into  Arabic  by
           Tamoz  publishing  in  Syria.  She  published  a
           Poetry  collection  containing  poems  by  three
           female poets from Iran in in Czechoslovakia with
           Radek  Hassliki.  Her  poetry  collection  was
           translated  and  published  in  the  language  of
           Amaziqi,       translated        by    Mazzak        Eidar      in
           Morocco.Her first poetry collection is translated
           to  Romanian  recently.  Her  collection  won  First
           prize in poetry competition  in European poetry
           championship  in  Romania  and  won  Alhawaheri
           prize in Sydney this year.

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