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                                  GOPAL LAHIRI

              Gopal  Lahiri  is  an  India  based  bilingual  poet,
              editor,  critic  and  translator  and  published  in
              Bengali and English language. He has authored
              23  books  to  his  credit.  His  poetry  is  also
              published  across  various  anthologies  and  in
              eminent  journals  of  India  and  abroad.  His
              poems are translated in 14 languages.

                      THAT SUMMER

           Sunlight filters through the interstices
           of the arching trees,
           wearing jeweller’s loupe in a workshop,
           each last little detail,
           feels crisp and clear, whispers relive
           in countless conversations,
           the real consolation is to try all over again.

           Smile and laugh drop seeds of unknown flowers
           smell the fragile light,
           sip endless sunrays, we are hovering
           into each other’s space,
           too close and yet not nearly close enough
           days swap stories
           and May twilight debates rhapsodies.

           the last line has not been drawn yet,
           each day gives warmth,
           We tell each other about the color of sky
           a certain something, not really sure,
           tiny pixels can assign the lip locks
           count the low sound,
           in the lattice of branches and shadows.

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