Page 95 - MAY Poetry Anthology
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                                                  PRAY TO MAIA
           The nostrils of Nature

              Unable to bear
           This dark-decomposed

           Deep, deep, solitude at every door
           No one is crying, as no one is more

           O! relentless wind!
           O! tempestuous  wind!
           Stop bringing hollowness!
           Your tendency of lethalness

           Now the soul of, Nature-Deity
           Crying as she lost it's beauty
           O! Goddess Maia! Have mercy on us!
           Please listen to your dieheart followers

           Plant in me again
           the garden of life-seeds
           Water again my every particles
           Give us back our sweet song notes
           Take this melancholy
           send the lovely odes

           Bring back to our morning-grass-dew

           The shiny clouds and lilacs-leaves-new
           O! Goddess Maia! accept my pray
           Plz send the month of prettiest May!

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