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                  Dr. RASHI SINHA

           Dr. Rashi Sinha is an Indian poet, essayist, novelist
           and editor, born in Nawada, Bihar, India. She did M.
           A. (In English) from Ferguson College, Pune and Ph.
           D  from  Magadh  University,  Bodhgaya.  Dr.  Rashi
           Sinha, a multilingual writer (writes in Hindi, English
           and  Magadhi)  is  the  editor  of  two  books.  She  has
           published  more  than  5  books.  Dr.  Sinha  has  won
           many  valuable  national  and  international  literary

           The threatening tunes
           From Sun to Moon
           No light on mountains
           These roaring Hurricanes            PRAY TO MAIA

           Roaring.. Roaring.. Roaring

           ....... Angrily!
           Blowing.. Blowing.. Blowing
           ....... Endlessly!

           The morning grass-dew
           Turned to sand and blew
           Wind is hot, wind is dry
           Bringing only outcry.. Outcry

           The souls are leaving their bodies
           As, leaves unhooke from their trees
           At this constant hearse of every particles
           No one is left to attain
           Other's funerals

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