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                                             ADORABLE IS THE MONTH
                                                 OF MAY (FLORIST)

           The wind blows the leaves of the woods shining
           The crystalline and cold spring runs fast down the valley
           Sprinkle them with the bundle of holy bush
           He calls on the King of Glory to bless them and crown
           them before the Altar of the Galaxy.
           In May, the "Hand of the Mother God”
           Flowers miraculously blooms tulips the most popular
           flowers, pansies, petunias, stone flowers
           The most fragrant peonies, daisies, lilies, jasmine,
           marigolds with therapeutic properties, poppy the symbol
           of the May flowers of fertility and wealth shock, the
           magic daffodil flower, imperial lilies are planted in May,
           gladioli, dahlias, flowers do not forget me, all

           The flowers clung to his arm
           They sang, danced gracefully
           They clung to the velvet lace
           From the piano keys,
           Performed by the master musician,
           Famous on the world map,
           He sings gracefully and emotionally
           All sweet songs
           Butterflies clutching their arms danced happily
           They hummed to the sublime rhythm of the music
           Quartets with humanity
           Dancing with nature regenerates.

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