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                                    DANIELA MARIAN

           Daniela  Marian,  born  in  Roznov,  NT,  Romania
           works  at  the  University  of  Medicine  and
           Pharmacy  "Gr.T.  Popa"  Iasi;  have  published  in
           several  literary  circles,  magazines  and  national
           and  international  anthologies.  She  published  a
           set of poems in three volumes of the Publishing
           House  with  ISBN  and  Chip,  granted  by  the
           National  Library  of  Romania.  Her  first  poetry
           debut  was  the  volume  “Smile  of  Light”,  Stef
           Publishing  House,  Iasi,  Ro  2019.  She  also
           published  in  volumes  with  other  national  and
           international  authors.  Daniela  Marian  received
           awards, diplomas and certificates for poetry.

           Daniela  Marian  started  writing  poetry  and
           painting  from  primary  school.  She  wrote  about
           530 poems over the years and did not publish at
           all. She is very inspired by nature with the four
           seasons, childhood, parents, school, the Galaxy,
           but also the animal world, water life, etc.

           She  believe  that  everyone  can  compose  poems
           and want young people to engage in literary and
           art  creations.  They  can  build  broad  and
           beneficial stages of evolution, because they are
           intelligent  generations.  The  present  and  the
           future are also theirs

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