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            Brindha,Indian           poet        from
            Singapore         is     a      software
            professional  who  has  been
            writing  on  subjects  related  to
            happiness, knowing the self and
            well-being in general.

                         BUDHDHA PURNIMA

            Sitting under a bodhi tree
            The Guru speaks, the unspoken
            The disciples gather to listen

            The Guru appears magically
            If only, when the disciple is ready

            The day we can get closer to the Truth
            The day we can shower our inner self with Love

            The day we invite intelligence into life
            The day we can wake up, grow up and show up !

            An opportunity to show Gratitude
            And deepen one’s insight, in quietude

            Moving from darkness to light
            Is the life’s greatest pursuit

            It’s His feet alone
            That can grace us the knowledge

            In the louts feet of the Guru,
            I surrender, I surrender

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